TKD Tournaments

TNZ Event Recognition Policy

Note: This is a living document, and may be altered, with Taekwondo New Zealand Board approval, at any time to meet changing circumstances.

One of Taekwondo New Zealand’s roles is to develop, promote and select national representative teams. In fulfilling these roles, Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) views that transparency, accountability and integrity must be inherent within any system adopted for this purpose.

As such, the TNZ selection policy includes reference to the TNZ Player Ranking system. (Please refer to the TNZ Player Ranking System policy).

TNZ Recognition of an event is a process that the Tournament Director (TD) initiates. Tournament Directors managing TNZ recognized events must fulfill the criteria set out in this document. This is to ensure that there is a level of consistency, and therefore, comparison between tournaments and subsequent athlete performance. TNZ tournaments will offer ranking points, and so must have a level of officiating that matches the status of the tournament.

TNZ recognition requires a TD to submit to TNZ athlete ranking points for qualifying athletes when:

  • The athlete successfully completes weigh-in
  • The athlete places from 8th position to first (with a graded point value dependent upon position gained- from first to 8th)
  • The requirements of TNZ oversight are met

TNZ Recognition of a tournament also allows the TD to submit to the TNZ Referee Director points when:

  • The referee has completed a day of officiating
  • The referee officiates to a level expected by their grade
  • The refereeing is overseen by a current WT International Referee


The role of a Tournament Director is to:

  • apply the tournament rules as set down by World Taekwondo (WT).
  • apply the tournament guidelines set down by TNZ

in order to:

  • Promote an event as TNZ Recognition (and carry the TNZ logo)
  • Provide athletes the opportunity to gain TNZ Ranking points*.

Ranking points are allocated for:

  • Either Poomsae and Sparring (Kyorugi)
  • Only allocated for Open divisions – divisions are defined by WT rules
  • Poomsae – Black Belt WT Divisions only
  • Kyorugi – Competitors who enter Open Divisions
  • Only allocated for competition that has occurred under Taekwondo New Zealand guidelines

The Tournament Director will be directly responsible to TNZ via the TNZ Board.

At the conclusion of the tournament, the Tournament Director will be charged with providing:

  • the TNZ Board with the results from the event:
  • Kyorugi Open Division results only
    • A list of all athletes who successfully weighed in;
    • all weight/age divisions results – 1st to 8th
    • 12-14years, 15-17years and 18-35years
  • Poomsae Black Belt Poomsae only
    • A list of all Black Belt athletes who competed in “WT rules” individual divisions;
    • all “WT rules” division results – 1st to 8th
    • 12-14years, 15-17years and 18-35years
    • Pairs and Teams results do NOT acquire points

At the conclusion of the tournament, the Tournament Director will be charged with providing:

  • the TNZ Referee Director
    • A list of TNZ Registered referees who completed a full days officiating
    • comment on any issues regarding the performance of any of the officials, counter signed by the attending WT International Referee for the relevant discipline (Poomsae or Kyorugi).


Use of TNZ Registered Officials.

The Tournament Director will ensure that the “points” competitions (Poomsae and Kyorugi) are refereed and judged by Taekwondo New Zealand registered referees only, and is overseen by a WT International Referee for the relevant discipline (Poomsae or Kyorugi).

Scoring systems.

The systems employed for scoring must be fit for purpose, but also related to the grade of recognition required for the event.

  • For the Kyorugi competition, a WT recognized electronic Hogu system must be used.
  • For the Poomsae competition, an electronic scoring system (tablet etc.) must be used by each judge. Each judges score must be recorded, either on paper or electronically. Final scores must be displayed to the competitors/auditorium at the completion of each athletes pattern, with a final score also displayed at the completion of the athletes performance.


The TNZ Board will be the liaison between the Tournament Director and the Taekwondo New Zealand Referee Director.

  1. Communication can be made via email correspondence with the Taekwondo New Zealand Board.
  2. The TNZ Board ensures all matters requiring compliance will be met. Feedback regarding non-compliance will be conveyed to the Tournament Director allowing enough time to correct items noted
  3. Upon satisfactory compliance with the TNZ Tournament Recognition Policy, and with the agreement of the TNZ Board, the Tournament Director will be notified by email.


The following conditions must be met for the allocation of points for players.

  • Kyorugi points divisions:
    • A current WT registered International Referee as the Technical Director for Kyorugi
    • Only current WT registered International Referees or NZ 1st Class Referees as the “Head of Desk”, Video replay Jury, and Centre Referee
    • A WT approved Protector Scoring System (PSS) for Open Kyorugi matches – eg.- Daedo PSS, with scoring displayed on 2 screens (scorer (normally a laptop) and referee desk) minimum.
    • Current Taekwondo New Zealand registered Kyorugi Referees used as Corner Judges
    • A Video Replay system
    • A dedicated Medical officer on stand-by specifically for these matches.
  • Poomsae points divisions
    • A current WT registered Poomsae Judge as the Technical Director for Poomsae
    • Only current WT or TNZ Class 1 Poomsae Judges as the Referee of Poomsae.
    • Current Class 2 Poomsae Referees may be used as Poomsae Judges dependent upon the divisions to be judged (relevant to qualification)
    • 1 x Court Controller, 1 x Referee and 2 x Judges minimum (4 in total)
    • A Video Replay system


The following WT system (WT->G2->G1) of tournament classification, three (3) levels will be initiated.

Level 3

A level 3 recognition is for TNZ administered events only. At present these are:

  • Taekwondo New Zealand National Championships
  • Taekwondo New Zealand Open

Level 2

In recognition of the member organisations (MO), which still remain the back bone of taekwondo in New Zealand, each MO may be allocated one (1) Level 2 event for recognition each year. Each MO will promote to the Taekwondo New Zealand Board the tournament to be allocated Level 2 status. Examples will be:

  • NZUTA National Championships
  • TUNZ National Championships
  • Budo South Open

Level 1

A Level 1 recognized tournament will be all others not identified above: Examples will be:

  • TUNZ South Island Championships
  • NZUTA Bay Open

Grassroots – Development – Level 0

A Level 0 tournament is an unrecognized tournament. These tournaments are important for the development of taekwondo in New Zealand. These tournaments will have no requirements to report back to the Taekwondo New Zealand Board nor the Taekwondo New Zealand Referee Director, though it is important to note that World Taekwondo (WT) does have requirements that need to be met if using the WT logo or name, as does Taekwondo New Zealand.