Since the national body elections (March 2021), the elected Board has been working on the following:
* Player ranking system
* Referee classification system
* Tournament affiliation system

The implementation date for the systems is planned for 1st Jan, 2022. There are a few foundation processes that must be set before the systems can function properly.
• First – Setting a tournament calendar for 2022 (almost confirmed) that has no clashes.
• Second – A meeting of all the Tournament Directors to ensure processes and standards are known and adhered to (meeting scheduled for July).
• Third – Up-skilling of referees and coaches.

To achieve the third item, the national body will be holding the following “Kyorugi Referee and Coach” and “Poomsae Referee and Coach” seminars (Co-Vid permitting):

Tauranga – 16th July (immediately before the Budo South Invitational) – venue: Tauranga Boys’ College Gymnasium
Wellington – 1st October (immediately before the TUNZ National Invitational) – venue: Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua
Blenheim – 29th October (immediately before the Top of the South Invitational) – Marlborough Lines Stadium
Tauranga – 3rd December (immediately before the National Championships) – QEII Youth Centre, 11th Ave, Tauranga
(more information on individual seminars will be posted before each seminar)

The format for each seminar will be:
09.30am: Registration
10.00am: Referee and Coaches Seminar
12:00pm: Exam for Referees. Coaches Seminar ends
01:00pm: Referee Workshop
03:00pm: Practical test for Referees.
Kyorugi and Poomsae seminars will run concurrently. Participants can not attend both (simultaneously).

Who can attend?
Kyorugi: Keup 8 or higher and aged 12 years or above
Poomsae: Keup 2 or higher and aged 18 years or above

Coach: $10
Referee: $50
(The fees go solely towards referee development and course expenses)

Referee classification system
Referees will be classed P, 3, 2, 1 (1 being the highest).
Moving through the classes is a combination of:
• Points gained through officiating at tournaments,
• Observation by the Referee Director and the Referee Coordinators,
• Seminar attendance (staying up to date with rules and interpretation changes issued by WT)
When a referee passes the threshold to pass to a new Class, the referee is not automatically upgraded. The Referee must attend a subsequent referee seminar in order for a new certificate to be issued with the upgraded status.

Initial status of Referees
For referees wishing to be graded above Class 3, please attend a seminar and bring with you a CV outlining your referee experience (tournaments), previous qualifications, and in the case of Poomsae, your competition history as a player.

The next 6 month is going to be fast and furious, so please “like” the facebook page for the “New Zealand Taekwondo Referees Group”. This way you will be kept informed of developments.

See you on the mats,

Garry Carpenter
TNZ Referee Director