1. Setting up a club requires an Instructor who is prepared to learn and teach. The Instructor should have a keen interest in teaching and learning a martial art. It is recommended, but not mandatory that the Instructor be a high coloured belt or black belt Martial Artist.
    1. A club does not have full club status until there is a resident Haidong Gumdo Black Belt
    2. Club registration is $275 – a club with a resident Haidong Gumdo Black Belt
  2. As the potential Instructor, you must first contact Garry Carpenter to arrange a training day – with other club members. He is contactable at
  3. You, and your students need to fill in the Student Registration Form, downloadable from this link
  4. For grading purposes you (and your students) must have the following
    1. A Federation DOBOK – no belt provided – (purchased through the HGNZ Treasurer) –
      1. $115NZ
    2. A Federation MOK-GUM (purchased through the HGNZ Treasurer) –
      1. $70NZ
    3. As a Yellow belt and above, you should also have a JUK-DO
      1. $60NZ (Shinai from – 36cm is recommended)
  5. For grading, you must be a New Zealand Federation member (which also includes membership to the World wide federation) – $50NZ
  6. Grading fee is $70NZ.
    1. Gradings may attended up to three times per year.
  7. A Bamboo cutting sword can also be purchased from Green Belt onwards – 1. $70NZ (club price – $70)
  8. A soft edged metal sword (Ka-Gum) can not be used by a Coloured Belt. No Coloured Belts are to grade with a metal sword
  9. Materials for learning Haidong Gumdo and additional training can be arranged through the HGNZ Treasurer