• Grading fee is $80NZ.

Grading is conducted three times per year, or at the request of an instructor. Master Garry Carpenter is New Zealand’s Technical Officer and Grading Examiner.

For grading purposes you (and your students) must have the following:

  • A Federation DOBOK – no belt – (purchased through the Federation) –  $115NZ
  • A Federation MOK-GUM (purchased through the Federation) –  $70NZ
  • As a Yellow belt and above, you should also have your own JUK-DO/Shinai – $60NZ
  • A Bamboo cutting sword should also become part of your equipment from Green Belt onwards – $70NZ
  • A metal sword (Ka-Gum) can not be used by a Coloured Belt, but is required by Black Belts for grading – $400
  • You will need to fill in the Student Registration Form, downloadable from the Haidong New Zealand website ( For grading, you must be a New Zealand Federation member – $50NZ