TNZ Player Ranking Points


Tournament – Event

Ranking system shall be applied to:

  1. WT-promoted and recognised tournaments
  2. TNZ promoted and recognised national championships and open events
  3. TNZ Member Organisation Open events provided that the events are organized:
    1. in compliance with WT Competition Rules, and;
    2. TNZ Registered Referees oversee the competition judging and refereeing and;
    3. The event has been recognised by TNZ in accordance with the TNZ Tournament Recognition Policy.


Ranking system shall be applied only to registered TNZ member athletes and on an individual basis dependent upon:

  1. the weight and age categories (male and female) as defined in the WT Competition Rules (Kyorugi).
  2. the age categories that are defined in the WT Competition Rules (Poomsae).
  3. Ranking will only apply to TNZ Registered Individuals.

Ranking shall not apply to:

  • Individuals of Coloured Belt rank
  • Members of Pairs (Poomsae)
  • Members of Teams (Poomsae & Kyorugi)


Events are graded by their stature with regards to the goals and objectives of Taekwondo New Zealand.

  • Grade 1 events- WT or TNZ organised events
  • Grade 2 events- Overseas Open events, TNZ Member Organisation National or Regional Open events
  • Grade 3 events- TNZ Member Regional Open events

Registered events will be posted to the TNZ website and facebook page as TNZ Recognized tournaments. Tournament Directors wishing to offer an event to TNZ Members as a “TNZ Ranking Points Event” must register an event for consideration by TNZ at least 1 month prior to advertising the event and in accordance with the TNZ Tournament Recognition Policy, found at:

(insert web address)

Submissions for recognition of an event is via email correspondence with the TNZ Board.

When competing at an overseas event, individuals who wish to gain points for the event must register their intention at least one month before competing in the event, to ensure points will be awarded. Contact TNZ for verification.

Application of the Ranking Process – seeding:

If two or more athletes achieved the same points, it shall be considered as tied. In the case of tie-ranks at the seeding, the athlete that:

  1. won more points at the latest TNZ organised graded events (TNZ Open and/or TNZ Black Belt Championship) then,
  2. represented New Zealand internationally

shall be considered as the higher-ranked athlete.

In the case that the athletes are still tied the higher-ranked athlete shall be decided by random drawing.

  1. An athlete may only claim points for one Grade 3 event per calendar year.
  2. Athletes who compete for another country or in another country’s national championships (closed national entry) will lose all points previously accumulated during the previous four year term.

Submission of points

The submission of a request for recognition of points will be by email to the TNZ Board

The submission will include the following:

  • Event name
  • Event Tournament Director
  • Category (Poomsae or Kyorugi)
  • Division
  • Result

The Ranking Officer will then verify, via correspondence with the Tournament Director, the result submitted. The Ranking Officer will then determine the points to be awarded according to the criteria for ranking.

False declaration of results

Where a points request is made by an individual has been verified as false, and the Ranking Officer has requested and received a second incorrect submission from the individual, the Ranking Officer will not award the requested points.

If TNZ finds that the manner of the submission was to falsely gain advantage over other individuals, the TNZ will request all points be removed for that individual.


  1. Points will be accumulative and carried over a four year period.
  2. The points gained from an event shall be awarded according to the following formula:
  • A = Points received according to the athlete’s finish at the WT promoted or TNZ recognized event
  • B = Grade of event
  • Final points = A x B
  1. Each TNZ Registered Individual will be able to follow their points accumulation via the TNZ website.

Allocated points per finish place (A)

Points will be awarded according to finish place as follows:

  • The 1st place athlete shall receive 10 points
  • The 2nd place athlete shall receive 7points
  • The 3rd place athlete shall receive 5 points
  • The 4th place athlete shall receive 3 points
  • The 5th and 8th  place athletes shall receive 2 points
  • The 9th to 16th  place athletes shall receive 1 point

Allocated points per event:  (B)

Points shall be awarded to events as follows:

  • WT Category G-2 ~ WT Category G-8 events: 40
  • WT Category G-1 event: 20
  • TNZ Grade 1 – TNZ Open and TNZ Black Belt Championships: 10
  • TNZ Grade 2 – Member Organisation Open Nationals: 5
  • TNZ Grade 3 – Member Organisation Open Regionals/Club: 2

*Overseas events that are not WT organised need to be registered by the individual with TNZ, prior to competing.


Kyorugi- Byes

The top ranked players, where byes are to be structured into the division, will receive byes. These will be allocated:

  • Highest rank to lowest rank until the byes are allocated.

Kyorugi- The Draw

Structure of the draw. Where two or more TNZ ranked players have entered a Tournament division, they will be placed in accordance with the following:

Draw- side 1

Rank 1st, Rank 4th, Rank 5th, Rank 8th

Draw- side 2

Rank 2nd, Rank 3rd, Rank 6th, Rank 7th.

In the early rounds of the draw, the highest ranked will always be placed against the lowest ranked.

Poomsae- The Draw

The order of performance of Poomsae will be lowest ranking player to highest ranking player as per the website.


In the first year in which an athlete chooses to compete at a new age group, the athlete may choose to claim points for ONLY ONE tournament attended within the previous 2 years to moving to the next age group level.


The awarded points shall only be valid for four (4) full years, starting from January 1, updated every year.  This process is continuous (rolling), i.e. new points awarded to an athlete will be entered within two weeks of submission to the TNZ Board.

Tournament Directors of TNZ Recognised tournaments will be required to verify the submission of individuals. Where a submission of incorrect results has occurred, the matter will be submitted to the TNZ Board for consideration/action.