4 Men or Fire Horse

Budo South Martial Arts has two distinct, and contrasting ideals:

  • Martial Arts – 4 Artists
  • Sporting Codes – Fire Horse

Each one represents a different code of ethics, which I can only sum up as:

  • How you took part
  • Whether you won

Therefore we have two logos:

The Martial Artist (Four man logo). The four man logo symbolises the many martial arts on offer at Budo South Martial Arts-  Hapkido, Self Defence, Judo and Jiu Jitsu (Blue), Taekwondo (White), Haidong Gumdo (Red) and Kuk Kung (Green).

The Sporting Codes (the Horse Head). The Horses Head logo is a Fire Horse, which is the Chinese Birth year of Budo South Martial Arts Instructor, Garry Carpenter.