Our Master Instructor

“Good Day”, “Gidday”, “Kia Ora”, “Anyeong Ha Sayo”, “Namaste”, “Zǎo Shang Hǎo”, “Haidong!”

My name is Garry Carpenter and I am a Master Martial Arts Instructor. I teach Taekwondo, Hapkido, Haidong Gumdo, Teuk Gong Moo Sol and Budo South’s form of Self Defence.

I began training in the martial arts in 1987, while based at the University of Otago in Dunedin. My martial arts career has seen me travel across the globe, meeting many new friends and learning their customs and culture. Some highlights have been becoming a dual International Referee in Taekwondo (oppose and Kyorugi), participating in the World Championships for Haidong Gumdo, training students in the art of Hapkido, my Black Belt grading for Teuk Gong Moo Sol, and most importantly, all the people I have become friends with through the martial arts.

In 2020, I will promote Teuk Gong Moo Sol to any New Zealanders wishing to learn a new art. Also, I begin training in Krav Maga, with the goal of travelling to Israel in November. While there I hope to attend a training camp for Krav Maga in it’s country of origin.

Come along and begin your martial arts journey with Budo South Martial Arts.

The Mountain and the Cloud

The Blue Mountain is the teacher of the White Cloud and the White Cloud is the student of the Blue Mountain.
All day long they depend on each other, yet exist independently.
The White Cloud is always the White Cloud, the Blue Mountain is always the Blue Mountain.
When conditions change, it is the White Cloud that changes, without effort, without intension.
Form now altered, it continues to exist as the White Cloud.

The Finger and the Moon

The Master is like the finger that points at the moon. The student should focus on the moon, from time to time being guided by the Master, never losing focus on the goal.

The Two Dragons

There are two dragons inside us all – one Good, one Evil. Each dragon wants to dominate the other. Which one is winning in you?  The one you feed the most.

When we come to see ourselves as the Student, accepting direction from the Master, we freely accept what it is to be the Student.