Kuk Kung – Archery

*** This class is not currently offered ***

Download the manual at : http://www.budosouth.co.nz/mydocuments/TradKoreanArchery.pdf

Please note – Kuk Gung and Kuk Kung – the K and G are interchangeable when translating Korean to English

Archery is a traditional practice grounded in warfare. Prior to the invention of the firearm, the bow was often a significant trump card on the battlefield. Massed archers were able to rain a storm of steel tipped arrows down upon an enemy from range, often disrupting and countering any manoeuvres and turning the tide of battle.

Asiatic archers in countries such as Korea and Japan practiced the use of the bow with a rigor reflective of martial arts. Kuk Kung -Archery- captures this rigor through the utilisation of traditional equipment and techniques, combined with drills and theory based on modern archery. Furthermore, Kuk Kung moves beyond basic target shooting, incorporating drills and movements that develop an archer’s ability to move and shoot from a variety of stances and situations, thereby rounding out the martial aspect of the sport.

Kuk Kung embraces the concept of “precision before power” with archers developing their skills and accuracy on low poundage bows prior to increasing their power. “

~excerpt and adapted from the MFA-Archery manual- Authors: Masters John Tysoe,  John Banham and Clint Carey.

Uniform – any martial art Dobok or Gi
Equipment – 5 x arrows (pre-checked by the instructor to ensure minimal damage to the club equipment), a wooden recurve bow (no greater than 30lb tension). Equipment can be purchased through the club or from other sources but must be approved for use by the instructor
Archery Range – As we don’t have a 170m range, the size of the target has been scaled down to the equivalent for a 20m archery range.