April School Holiday work

What did we do?

Well, first we had the picture painted (by Ben Loyde), and had some lights installed so it can be seen at night (by Ray Young Electrical Limited), moved all the TKD training gear and shelving, then we demolished the change rooms (thanks Sean Cromwell and Andrew Caldwell) and created a big “Lounge” for us to be comfortable in – couches (free or next to nothing on Trade Me – we have to fond these), the spouting got replaced (BIG thanks to “Blackie”, Jed’s Dad who did all the investigating and roof repairs) by Kiwispouting Limited.

Next Sean Wells will be building some half height walls to divide up the training spaces and putting some walls up as a changing room. Then lastly, we will put some new industrial strength (code name- “not pretty”) carpet into the “Lounge”.

All good fun.