More Renovations

Just when you thought it was safe to assume the changes had finished — WHAM!, back comes the door to the Club Room, more plywood is fixed in to finish the soft mats wall, and then some more flags were added. What’s need next is some glass (lots of glass).. but let’s save that for next year (maybe).

Judo times..

Master Park Seong Keun (Ben), from the Korean Judo club based in Courtney Road, instructed his first judo session for the Budo South Hapkido class. Master Ben began with basic skills, arm and hip throws and ground work. This class will continue but is only available to those in the Hapkido group.

Hapkido Grading

 On Saturday the 12th of May, Master Malcolm Wright left the rainy city of Auckland to come to the overcast and rainy city of Tauranga to provide Hapkido training and examine the club members for a Hapkido grading. Master Malcolm instructions were followed and executed with “extreme prejudice” – to quote the Blues Brothers. Grading was conducted forcefully and the hapkido in place was well executed – speed, rhythm, flow. Master Malcolm will be back next for a seminar before grading again at a later date.

Roll-Up Tournament

Budo South will host a Roll-Up Tournament , $10 per player/refresher, to be held on the 13th of May. All clubs and players welcome. Taekwondo, Hapkido, Haidong Gumdo and Jiu Jitsu will be on display. BBQ and canned drinks, medals for all competitors. All proceeds going to Budo South athletes competing in the Oceania Championships (Tahiti in August).

Hapkido grows

The Hapkido training is now growing to the size of the soft mats, with more students to come. Hapkido is a pure self defence art, with many kicks, punches, holds, bar and ground grappling.