March 17th, 2017

To: All TNZ Members & Stakeholders
Re: President’s March Update
Dear Members and Stakeholders,

I am pleased to provide this further update to members which should be read in conjunction with the recent February and earlier March updates.
2017 New Zealand Open & 3rd Oceania Para-Championships
Planning is well under way for this historic event for our sport and we look forward to welcoming you and your teams. Please note that all non-WTF sanctioned divisions at this event do not require a WTF Global Licence. Registration is through www.internetentries.com. This is the same for coaches. However, if a coach is coaching athletes in both OTU and WTF divisions, they must register in both systems. We will continue to send out updates in the lead-up to the event and please refer to the information package and contact persons if you have any questions.

OTU Courses
TNZ is committed to the development of its athletes, instructors, coaches and officials. I am therefore pleased to confirm the first OTU Kyorugi Coach/Referee and Poomsae Coach/Judge Accreditation Courses for 2017 which will be held at the North Shore Events Centre in Auckland on Friday 12th May, 9.00am – 3.00pm, being the day before the start of the NZ Open.
The Oceania Taekwondo Union will shortly announce further details for these courses including the cost and how to register. We will distribute this as soon as we receive it. During this year TNZ will make more of these courses available to members around the country under the new District Boards which will be established in the coming weeks. Details regarding the District Board establishment process and other upcoming courses will be advised shortly. In the meantime, I encourage all available members to attend the above courses.

I am very pleased to see, and would like to thank those many clubs who have started paying their club-invoice for the 2017 membership fees. Members of these clubs have already begun to apply for or renew their Global Licenses (GL) through the WTF GMS. TNZ will be expediting these Global Licence applications. Please remember, your club’s membership fees must be paid up first for your GL application to be processed. If you have any questions regarding your membership fee club-invoice or GLs, please do not hesitate to contact the TNZ Treasurer.

Individual membership
We have had a number of enquiries regarding membership categories in the new TNZ constitution. To further clarify; Article 4 of the constitution outlines the different categories of membership available. It’s important this article is read in its entirety and in particular, items 1 through 4. Basically TNZ recognises as a ‘member’ associations (i.e., clubs) and their association members (i.e., club-members such as athletes, instructors, coaches).

Regarding the concept of “Individual membership” (article 4.1.e). This is a very different category of membership. It is basically created for volunteers outside of Taekwondo who may want to contribute at a board or management level in a district. For example, it could be applied where a particular district falls short in delivering people with the right skills or experience onto their board and subsequently the local district needs to reach outside and bring in skilled people to help run the sport locally.

WTF Global Membership System (GMS) – Simplycompete
The GMS is the gateway to all official WTF G-ranked events, seminars and OTU courses, and the Global Taekwondo Community. Within this year (2017) WTF will further develop the GMS by integrating it with National events MNAs organise each year. Also hotel bookings and airfares will soon be made available at discounted prices for holders of a Global Licence. Effectively, for TNZ this means that for the Nationals to be held in September/October 2017 registration will be managed through the GMS including all District events that follow.
As mentioned earlier in this update, members have already started to apply and renew their Global Licenses. TNZ will expedite any outstanding applications/renewals as soon as the respective club-invoice is paid. Please note that it is mandatory for all members to have a licence when participating in official WTF sanctioned events, (i.e., WTF divisions at NZ Open) competitions, seminars or applying for certification.
You have the option of various membership roles; see the list from the WTF GMS.
These roles require uploading different supporting documents. Below is a list of additional documents required for each of the following roles:
– Doctor/Physiotherapist: medical certificate
– Coach: accredited OTU or WTF certificate
– Referee: accredited OTU or WTF IR certificate

The Official role is designated to club administrators (including its instructors) representing their clubs and who are known to TNZ in its National Database and WTF GMS. These Officials do not require uploading additional supporting documents. However, members that have been appointed by TNZ in that role for a
particular event (i.e., international) must sign the respective position description.
The Staff role is designated to members who are employed by TNZ in accordance with article 4.3 of the constitution. Staff do not require uploading additional supporting documents but need to have signed an employment agreement with TNZ.

The Athlete role is designated only to members belonging to a club in accordance with article 4.1 (d) of the constitution. If you have just started your club it may not be listed yet. So in that case you choose “My Club is Not Listed” until the GMS has been updated with your club details.
The Volunteer role is in accordance with article 4.1 (e) of the constitution designated to individual members outside of Taekwondo who may want to contribute at a board or management level in a District. Volunteers do not belong to a club and must have signed an agreement with TNZ
The Media role is designated to members holding a valid media pass and do not require uploading additional supporting documentation. The Fan role is not applicable within TNZ currently.

Since the February AGM I am pleased to announce the following new TNZ clubs that have recently joined. It’s great to see new clubs opening and further growth:
• Richmond Taekwondo, Upper South Island
• Ninjas Taekwondo, Wellington
• Moutere Hills Taekwondo, Upper South Island
• Mt Putauaki Taekwondo, Bay of Plenty
• Capital City Haidong Gumdo, Wellington

We are currently further developing the TNZ website. As we work through the updates, we now invite TNZ clubs who would like their own websites to be linked to the TNZ website, to please email us at info@taekwondonz.org.nz and we will arrange this shortly.
Feedback and Enquiries
We always welcome feedback from members on how we are doing and any suggestions including requests for clarification on your rights and obligations as members.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or if you need more information. Please email info@taekwondonz.org.nz

Thanks again to all those members for their continued messages of support in our positive new direction for all TNZ members.

Yours sincerely,
Taekwondo New Zealand

Grandmaster Tae Kyung Kim
TNZ President & WTF Council Membe