Training times for Term 2, 2017

May to mid July 2017 Note – we train through the school holidays Taekwondo – Seniors (9 yrs and up) class Mon and Thur – 6:15pm to 8pm Taekwondo – Tigers (5 to 11yrs) class Tues and Thur – 4pm to 5pm Haidong Gumdo – All practitioners Wed – 6:15pm to 745pm Kuk Kung – All practitioners Wed – 8pm to 9pm Tysodo – All practitioners Tues – 6pm to 7pm (maybe a little longer dependent upon fitness) Taekwondo Tournament team – Open to all club members and members of other clubs Sun – 10am to 1130am *** Other classes…

TKD Grading – 6th April 2017

The Junior Belts of the club took part in a grading on the 6th of April. the grading went well, with Shae Johnson double grading through to Green Belt Blue Tip (5th Keup).

Development Day

Budo South hosted a development day for those with little to no match experience. The martial arts on display were Haidong Gumdo (patterns and sparring) and Taekwondo (patterns and sparring). Next time, maybe more clubs will take part, or at least more Budo South members.

Change of Facebook Page -Hi Budo South Followers. My previous Budo South page is under suspension as I posted about the need to adhere to WTF’s brand policy for taekwondo equipment. You can find the new Budo South Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/budosouthmartialarts -Cheers -Garry Carpenter

TNZ Newsletter, 6th March, 2017

Re: President’s March Update 6th March 2017 Dear Members and Stakeholders, WTF Global Membership System (GMS) – Simplycompete I am very pleased to announce the new World Taekwondo GMS has officially launched. It is a mandatory requirement to have an approved WTF Licence in the GMS for competing or officiating in WTF sanctioned events, seminars and being accredited. All TNZ members from our National Database have been transferred over to the new system and have been allocated a WTF GMS licence number. This unique number is also the username to log-in which is to be communicated via the club administrator…

The Roll Up Tournament is rescheduled 

The Roll Up Tournament is rescheduled  -for 1st April-April Fools Day. There will be Poomsae, Kyorygi, Sword Patterns and a Sword Sparring match. See you there (let’s hope for less rain that day…) – it will good ahead regardless of the weather conditions. Cheers Garry Carpenter

March 17th, 2017

To: All TNZ Members & Stakeholders Re: President’s March Update Dear Members and Stakeholders, I am pleased to provide this further update to members which should be read in conjunction with the recent February and earlier March updates. 2017 New Zealand Open & 3rd Oceania Para-Championships Planning is well under way for this historic event for our sport and we look forward to welcoming you and your teams. Please note that all non-WTF sanctioned divisions at this event do not require a WTF Global Licence. Registration is through www.internetentries.com. This is the same for coaches. However, if a coach is coaching athletes in…