Grading Dates

Haidong Gumdo 14th December 2019 – start time 10AM Hapkido 14th December 2019 – start time 2PM Taekwondo 15th December 2019 – start time 10AM End of Year BBQ and Prize-giving 15th December 2019 – start time 6PM

Bamboo Cutting Night

The Gumdo club had a night of cutting up bamboo on Wednesday night. Everyone had a chance to cut the various bamboo poles on offer. All the cutting was supervised by the Gumdo Technical Director – Ben Haar.  

Gumdo on the 31st August

August 31st, and Whakatane and Tauranga get together for a celebration of Haidong Gumdo with a grading followed by some practice in disciplines of the art that get missed out. Congratulations to those who successfully graded. Trophies for top female and male practitioners: Whakatane – Alex (male), Brooke (female) Tauranga – Jack (male), Eunah (female) After a “shared lunch”, the Dojang was set up for Bamboo cutting, Paper cutting and Archery. Next grading – 14th December for Tauranga, with the 17th of December set aside for Whakatane.

Grading weekend – Taekwondo and Hapkido

The 24th of August saw our Taekwondo club holding a grading for the coloured belts, while on Sunday the 25th, Master Malcolm Wright was present to conduct an Hapkido grading. Both days were great fun. Next grading – 31st August – Haidong Gumdo.

Extra Competition Taekwondo Classes

As we are a martial arts club that strives for tournament success Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am offering to train those wishing to compete in Taekwondo. Mondays and Thursdays will be for Kyorugi (Sparring) and Tuesdays will be for Poomsae. Sparring students must have all their own equipment. Classes will run from 5:15pm to 6pm, but may run longer (up to 615pm). Tuesday 6pm to 730pm will also be a Kyorugi session run by either myself or Master Jamie. Those who are grading on the 24th of August are welcome to come and do extra training sessions with the…

Haidong Gumdo Grading – 4th May, 2019

Congratulations to everyone who graded today! It was a great weekend full of laughs, sweat and hard work. Special thanks to Master Oh from Australia who came and provided a Black Belt Seminar Friday night and Coloured Belt Seminar Saturday morning. His expertise helps to heighten the level of sword across New Zealand. We are also proud of the three members who achieved their Black Belt, Cody Van Roest, Levi-Steele O’Meara and Ashley Elizabeth Degenhardt, as well as Ben Parker who achieved his Third Dan. Copied from Haidong Gumdo NZ

Medals arrive

All the pieces for the Tournament are in place with the arrival of the Medals. The wait has been long, but all the pieces are now in place. The Medals arrived today and they are great. The company in China did a very good job. If anyone wants the email address for the company, contact me and I’ll pass it on. See you at the Tournament.

A Weekend at the Dojang

Saturday started with Haidong Gumdo, flowed into Female Self Defence, with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu workshop (this will be a monthly occurrence) and Hapkido rounding out the day. Sunday saw a taekwondo sparring workshop attended by 3 Bay of Plenty clubs. All events ended in smiles and promises of more to come.

O-Week at Toi Ohomai Polytechnic

Master Roney and I spent our Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes at the local Top Ohomai Polytechnic – during their O-Week – promoting the Budo South Martial Arts to the students and staff.