Starting the next generation

The Tigers are looking towards the future. We are training up the next set of champions, setting the foundation of: hard work, accuracy and technique. Learning training discipline at a young age makes training easier to accept as teenagers and adults.

Everyone spars

Thursday is sparring day. From Tigers class to the Open Seniors class. Taekwondo is a martial art, and here the Tigers class are really getting into it – dressed for action.

Budo South Welcome “Podium” to the family

We started with a sheet of plywood. We measured our design out, cut the sheet into the required pieces, added “No More Nails” and a lot of wood screws. Turns out it was a Podium. Next, Numbers and couple of coats of paint or polyurethane and maybe some decals. Product made by “Wells-Done & The Carpenter”. Roll on Mulimpia 2018 in Whakatane.

More Renovations

Just when you thought it was safe to assume the changes had finished — WHAM!, back comes the door to the Club Room, more plywood is fixed in to finish the soft mats wall, and then some more flags were added. What’s need next is some glass (lots of glass).. but let’s save that for next year (maybe).

Black Belt Presentations for Grace and Sophia

Last night, Haidong Gumdo New Zealand celebrated the raising of Grace and Sophia Tak to 1st Dan Black Belts. The sisters have trained and competed at the Budo South Martial Arts club for the past 3 and a half years. Next for Grace and Sophia is competition- competing at Black Belt level in the upcoming 2nd New Zealand Mulimpia.

Judo times..

Master Park Seong Keun (Ben), from the Korean Judo club based in Courtney Road, instructed his first judo session for the Budo South Hapkido class. Master Ben began with basic skills, arm and hip throws and ground work. This class will continue but is only available to those in the Hapkido group.

Training for all ages

Ngarangi in full practice mode. The Monday Tigers (all 3 of them) always give their best, This family train 3 times a week. Go Family!