TNZ President’s Newsletter – May 2017

1st May 2017 To: All TNZ Members & Stakeholders Re: President’s May Update Dear TNZ Members and Stakeholders, I am pleased to provide this May Update for all members. WTF MNA Development Funding Approval – Equipment I am happy to report that TNZ has been approved under the WTF MNA Development Fund for much needed equipment expenditure up to the value of $5,000USD. The TNZ Executive Board is now reviewing equipment needs and options to ensure these funds are applied to the purchase of equipment that best serves the members and TNZ’s over-riding strategic plan. We will keep members informed…

WTF International Referee Seminar- Auckland 8-11th May

Master Jim-Jam is going to the World Taekwondo Federation International Referees Course, along with Master Garry. The course is a qualification course for attaining the International Referees qualification. Master Jamie Carpenter has been accepted into the WTF IR Seminar, being held in Auckland over the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th May. Study hard and come back a WTF IR – congratulations Jamie Carpenter

New Training

Training last night. After the visit by Master Jung Il Oh, President of Haidong Gumdo Oceania, our club is taking a harder line to training. The standards must be raised, with a new minimum being set. Haidong!  

Training times for Term 2, 2017

May to mid July 2017 Note – we train through the school holidays Taekwondo – Seniors (9 yrs and up) class Mon and Thur – 6:15pm to 8pm Taekwondo – Tigers (5 to 11yrs) class Tues and Thur – 4pm to 5pm Haidong Gumdo – All practitioners Wed – 6:15pm to 745pm Kuk Kung – All practitioners Wed – 8pm to 9pm Tysodo – All practitioners Tues – 6pm to 7pm (maybe a little longer dependent upon fitness) Taekwondo Tournament team – Open to all club members and members of other clubs Sun – 10am to 1130am *** Other classes…

TKD Grading – 6th April 2017

The Junior Belts of the club took part in a grading on the 6th of April. the grading went well, with Shae Johnson double grading through to Green Belt Blue Tip (5th Keup).

Development Day

Budo South hosted a development day for those with little to no match experience. The martial arts on display were Haidong Gumdo (patterns and sparring) and Taekwondo (patterns and sparring). Next time, maybe more clubs will take part, or at least more Budo South members.

Change of Facebook Page -Hi Budo South Followers. My previous Budo South page is under suspension as I posted about the need to adhere to WTF’s brand policy for taekwondo equipment. You can find the new Budo South Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/budosouthmartialarts -Cheers -Garry Carpenter