Taekwondo Grading – 26th August

Taekwondo grading on the 26th of August signalled the start of a big week for Budo South Martial Arts. We have a seminar, a Kyorugi, Poomsae and Haidong Gumdo tournament to attend, a Haidong Gumdo grading, and we host four visiting Masters – Master Oh (Oceania President Haidong Gumdo) and Master Chiriff (Poomsae Presenter and Coach). Not forgetting hosting the Swordsman club from Brisbane, themselves with two Masters and good friends of Budo South, Master Cheri Parks and Master John Tysoe.

The grading was attended by Tigers and Open class students, ranging from White (Grade 10) to Red Belt (Grade 2). Stand out students were Wairere, Jerone, Yerie, Alice and Nathan.

… and so, students,  we go on to the next step in the journey….