TNZ July 2017 Newsletter

To all TNZ Members,
Please share this with your members. A copy will also be available on our website.

New Zealand Open & 3rd Oceania Para Taekwondo Championships
It’s hard to believe that the New Zealand Open has already come and gone. Thanks to the support of the Oceania Taekwondo Union, World Taekwondo Federation and most importantly our hard working members, volunteers, officials and athletes, the event was a resounding success! It has certainly set the stage for future WTF sanctioned events to be held here in our own back yard and TNZ is committed to ensuring this continues.
TNZ would like to thank all those athletes who stepped up and competed, including their coaches, supporters and especially those who travelled long distances from USA, Korea, Japan, Taipei, Italy, Brazil and Australia to be a part of this important event for our sport here in New Zealand. It was great to see our Kiwi athletes being exposed for the first time to this level of competition. Also we’d like to give a big thanks to all the volunteers, supporters and officials who worked tirelessly to make it happen. Official results are available on our website. Congratulations to all medal winners.

Interim District Boards Update
We received a lot of interest and would like to thank everyone who applied for a position. The criteria for applicants required their holding good management, organisational and communication skills to enable us to establish effective District Boards to help equip TNZ in moving the sport forward. We are currently communicating with the successful applicants after which we will announce the Interim District Boards. Please note that further spaces may become available, so please step up if the opportunity arises. This is your sport and organisation.

In considering the applicants the TNZ Executive Board also felt it would be good to start by merging districts to ensure efficiencies. The following Interim Districts will take effect when the Interim District Board members are announced:
Interim Northern District: Auckland/Northland
Interim Central District: Waikato/Bay of Plenty/Taranaki/Wellington/Gisborne
Interim Southern District: Upper and Lower South Island
The main objectives of the Interim District Boards will be to arrange and plan District events such as seminars and tournaments and work with local clubs to facilitate District Board elections. We will update members very shortly with further progress.

WTF International Referee & OTU Courses May
We are very proud to announce the following members who successfully passed the WTF International Referee course held the week before the New Zealand Open:
Sonja Janssen-Sahebzad, Detlef Schwarz, Dong Gun Kim, Jamie Lee Carpenter, Soo Ji Choi.
We are also very proud to announce the following members who successfully passed their OTU Coaching Course held on 12th May just before the NZ Open:
Steve Glover, Brice Nathan-Welsch, Gary Te Young, Garry Carpenter, Jamie Carpenter, Sean Wells, Nick Watene, Kane Watene, Madison Roome, Sooij Choi, Anthony Chan, Corey Shaw, Brock Monaghan-Neutze, Amanda Smith, Sonja Janssen-Sahebzad, Abraham Janssen, Alex Smith, Alex Videtta, Derik Logan Caslangen, Suzzane Gleh Caslangan, Edward Karauria, Andrew Brooks, Kaysea Cronin, Kayla Cronin, Gavin Gallot, Paula Sitapa, Renato Oficial, Paleti Murphy, Diana Simmons.
TNZ remains committed to further developing our Athletes, Coaches and Officials and is pleased to remind the above successful members that the cost of their course fee will be reimbursed by TNZ. Please note the proviso that your club annual membership fee invoice must be paid up for 2017 in order to receive your reimbursement. To apply, please email a copy of the ID card plus proof of payment/amount to the TNZ Treasurer at: abraham46@xtra.co.nz
Congratulations to all who passed their courses. We look forward to your ongoing participation as officials and sharing this knowledge with members.

Further Oceania Taekwondo Union Courses
TNZ is currently planning further district based OTU accredited courses around New Zealand ahead of the TNZ National Championships in October. We will send out details shortly. Please take the opportunity to attend so as to be up to date with the latest rules when you and your members participate in the TNZ National Championships.

2017 World Taekwondo Championships
A special report on the New Zealand Senior National Representative Team that competed at the World Championships in Muju, Korea last month is being prepared and will be sent to all members and published on the TNZ website shortly. Until then, we’d like to say well done to the team and thanks to the officials who supported them.

TNZ Website Upgrade
As reported earlier this year, we are in the process of upgrading the TNZ website into a more modern interactive website on which individual members can also register and pay for event participation such as the upcoming TNZ National Championships, Seminars and Courses. It will go live during September and we will keep you updated on progress. In the meantime, please note that the current website has been updated with a number of important PDF documents for your information which you can download. If you have any questions regarding any process or policy please don’t hesitate to email us at info@taekwondonz.org.nz

2017 TNZ National Championships, 28th & 29th October, Auckland
A copy of the information package for the 2017 TNZ National Championships is included with this newsletter. We look forward to welcoming you and your members to this event. This year’s Nationals will include ranking points and be part of the selection process for the 2018 Junior World Championships and Youth Olympics Games.

Upcoming Events
TNZ has been working closely with our stakeholders to ensure you our members are able to access further developmental opportunities and participate in key events. We are currently finalising selection policies for the 2018 Junior World Championships and Youth Olympic Games. We are also planning to bring back the popular WTF Peace Corps in early 2018 and send them throughout the country to reach our grassroots members. Remember, participation in any TNZ activity does require your club’s 2017 membership fees to be up to date and we ask that you please attend to this so we can provide further services and support. Also, if your club is planning to host a tournament or seminar we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Special Thanks
I just wanted to close by thanking all members who have continued to support TNZ and the new direction we are taking with the organisation. We fully appreciate this is a volunteer based sport which ultimately relies on the goodwill of the Instructors and members. We also recognise that we have implemented a lot of change this year and understand this can sometimes take time for members to adjust to. But please be rest assured that your ongoing support and feedback is very much valued. We will do our absolute best to deliver on the services we have promised.

Yours faithfully,
Taekwondo New Zealand

Master Matt Ransom
Secretary General