TNZ Newsletter, 6th March, 2017

Re: President’s March Update
6th March 2017

Dear Members and Stakeholders,

WTF Global Membership System (GMS) – Simplycompete
I am very pleased to announce the new World Taekwondo GMS has officially launched. It is a mandatory requirement to have an approved WTF Licence in the GMS for competing or officiating in WTF sanctioned events, seminars and being accredited.
All TNZ members from our National Database have been transferred over to the new system and have been allocated a WTF GMS licence number. This unique number is also the username to log-in which is to be communicated via the club administrator to individual members. Our National Database Administrator will follow up with all clubs on this, please see the attached sample application form.
The TNZ-member number is the initial password but please note; for members (approved or expired) to log into the new system the password will first have to be reset. Resetting the password can only be done if a UNIQUE email address on the GMS profile has been entered. Each member must have this in order to receive the auto-generated message from the system along with future official communications from either WTF or TNZ.
For this purpose, a video has been prepared by the World Taekwondo GMS Team for how to apply or renew licences when logging in for the first time along with a few key points that need to be kept in mind when renewing the licences. Here is the YouTube link for the video https://youtu.be/W-4SUSeVDDg. This link will also be uploaded onto the TNZ-website for all members to easily see and have access to.
By visiting the new site: https://www.worldtkd.simplycompete.com members can log in with the details provided and apply for, or renew, a WTF licence for 2017. Members can also manage their profile by updating details that are incorrect, and upload any new or latest documents also. The yearly licence fee is $15NZD for 11 years and above. Under 11 years is free. Please pay the licence fee to the TNZ Club Administrator for it to be deposited into the TNZ account: 06-0101-0826418-00 Please don’t hesitate to liaise with the TNZ Database Administrator if you have any questions regarding this process.
Further, members are to ensure they are assigned to their respective region and club before applying for, or renewing a licence. This is to ensure that members’ regions and clubs are correctly shown on statistical reports and to enable smooth onsite registration processes and more.
Lastly, the World Taekwondo GMS Team has also prepared a short video showing you how on a club level pre-set teams can be created for easy events registration later on. This functionality is only available to club administrators. I’m sure you will like the new team creation functionality, as it is very fast and can do it no time. Check it out here – https://youtu.be/oEjuXc7PbR0

New District based Governance Structure
Please note that member-organisations membership with TNZ actually finished on 4th February 2017 when the new constitution and governance structure was adopted at the 2017 AGM. However, we are saddened to hear from a number of concerned instructors and members that a former member organisation is encouraging its member-clubs to withdraw from TNZ, or to only register those members with TNZ that wish to access our services and pathways.
Please note that in the event a club chooses not to be a member of TNZ, all services and pathways will no longer be available to the members of the respective club, or available on an individual basis. TNZ will be upholding this through the new WTF GMS in accordance with its obligations to the WTF and OTU.
As we do not wish to see any members being disadvantaged by this unfortunate stance, we encourage any members faced with this choice to make the right decision to ensure their club and members at all levels will continue with TNZ and be a part of the growth and development of Taekwondo nationally and internationally. However please bear in mind that under the new governance structure and our obligations towards WTF and OUT, dual membership is not permitted. Feel free to contact TNZ directly if you have any questions or if we can help with anything.
Thanks to all those members who have kept us informed and for their messages of support in our positive new direction for all TNZ members.

Yours sincerely,
Taekwondo New Zealand
Grandmaster Tae Kyung Kim
TNZ President & WTF Council Member